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Runecairn: Wardensaga (Softcover)
Runecairn: Wardensaga (Softcover)
Runecairn: Wardensaga (Softcover)
Runecairn: Wardensaga (Softcover)
Runecairn: Wardensaga (Softcover)
Runecairn: Wardensaga (Softcover)

Runecairn: Wardensaga (Softcover)

  • In a long-forgotten age, a raging war shattered and devastated the worlds of gods and men...
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In a long-forgotten age, a raging war shattered and devastated the worlds of gods and men...

Now, green life blooms amidst the ruins of the lost worlds. Wondrous and terrible beings roam the Nine Realms. Civilisation stumbles forward, fresh and reaching.
Fate carves the skein anew but there are loose threads, lost long ago in the wars, with no place in the tapestry. These threads must seek the fire within and weave their own path.

Strap on your bearded axe and linden wood shield, delve into the forsaken barrow and cleanse the draugr within. They will overwhelm you at first so prepare to die. But when you wake up at the bonfire, you'll know what to expect for your next attempt. Parry their attacks, disarm them, and hack them to pieces. Defeat the mad jotunn within and claim the soul remnant they protect.

Death is not the end.

What is Runecairn: Wardensaga?

Runecairn is a Soulslike Norse fantasy RPG by Colin Le Sueur for 1-3 players. Character creation is quick and intuitive, dynamic combat is intense and reactive. Wardensaga combines the Runecairn: Core Rules, introductory dungeon crawl adventure Beneath the Broken Sword, and newly introduced Advanced Rules in an 84-page deluxe hardcover edition with a cover from ground-breaking artist CROM. 


  • Set in a Norse fantasy world some time after Ragnarok.
  • Core gameplay designed for 2 players, one Warden and one Adventurer.
  • Streamlined d20 roll-under rules based on Cairn, Into the Odd, and Knave.
  • Soulslike mechanics such as resurrecting at bonfires, respawning monsters, and dynamic combat.
  • Quickstart dungeon crawl adventure Beneath the Broken Sword, perfect for new players.
  • 4 core starting classes: Warrior, Scout, Seer, Skald.
  • 2 new advanced classes: Berserkr, Pyre.
  • New options for solo play with a rune-based oracle.
  • New random delve generator for creating Norse dungeons.
  • New options for 3 or more players with summoned allies (jolly cooperation!) and invasions.

What People Are Saying

Thank you for such an awesome game - I loved reading Runecairn and it’s on my list of 2022 games to get to the table. And the layout is lovely too. 

-Rich August (@RpgAugust), designer and writer at Steamforged Games (Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game)

If you're looking for a moderately crunchy duo TRPG, or if you're a fan of Souls games, or if you want to see a stellar adaptation of video game mechanics to tabletop, I would strongly recommend giving Beneath the Broken Sword (and Runecairn) a shot.

- Richard Kelly (@SprintingOwl), designer

This is a quality game, adapting Cairn to an apocalyptic Norse setting with a greater emphasis on arms, armour and combat without losing the deadly and considered tone of its forebear.

-Sebrina Calkins (@EntwifeXP), reviewer

Team Members

Colin Le Sueur (@byodinsbeardrpg) - Writer/Illustrator/Designer
CROM (@bitsofcrom) - Cover Illustrator
Jonus Lau Markussen - Promotional Illustrations

An Exalted Funeral Exclusive!

84 pages, A5, full color throughout, hardcover or softcover.

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Zaufane Opinie IdoSell
Szyba realizacja, towar zgodny z zamówieniem.
Jak zwykle wszystko sprawnie zrealizowane. Porządnie zapakowane, szybko wysłane. Spodziewałem się figurki w późniejszym terminie i było pozytywne zaskoczenie, gdy zobaczyłem wiadomość o realizacji i wysyłce zamówienia.